As we all continue to meet many challenges head on and adopt services previously provided by the Local Authority TDP are pleased to offer our schools support previously offered through the READS service, member schools are able to contact Ben Bishop and Sue Colin directly for advice and training throughout the year, they will prepare a bespoke service based on individual school needs.

Ben Bishop - Behaviour Support Solutions


07793 279322

“Supporting schools to support pupils”

Behaviour Support Solutions Gloucestershire provides half-day training sessions on various issues of relevance to those working with pupils with behavioural, social and emotional needs.The training sessions have been designed for support staff working with children with behavioural, social and emotional needs.Each module includes a bespoke resource pack for use in school with children with behavioural, social and emotional needs.

“Whether you are seeking training, advice, consultation or someone to work directly with pupils in your school, Behaviour Support Solutions Gloucestershire can support your school and cluster teams to find the best possible solution for your pupils.

Our peripatetic service is characterised by a desire to work with schools to develop the best possible understanding of the needs of pupils and staff. Crucially, we can then support schools to implement the most effective solutions available.”

Sue Colin - Supporting Education and Families


Sue provides training through TDP to support schools in their work with Traveller Pupils.

Sessions are bespoke with hand outs and resources where appropriate, the sessions will look at;

  • Traveller culture and custom
  • Working with Traveller families
  • Improving attendance in traveller pupils

The training will also;

  • Broaden understanding
  • Enhance good practice
  • Help build home/school links
  • Sign post resources