Steering Group Terms of Reference


Steering group is responsible for making and implementing decisions and to make recommendations about future plans for TDP. Steering group is responsible for making decisions about the allocation of resources and the planning and implementation of the action plan of the TDP. The steering group is primarily a collaborative group made up of the Head teachers of member schools but other partners may be invited to join as external partners.

The Role of the Steering Group

  • Monitor the implementation of the annual action plan for the TDP.
  • Plan and consider evaluations of the Partnership meetings. 
  • Monitor the budget as set.
  • Encourage and facilitate Schools to work together to raise standards
  • Agree locally on the priorities for the TDP
  • Agree the local distribution of resources
  • Develop and agree the annual action plan for the TDP
  • Agree the number, deployment and tasks for the Strategic Leads
  • Support and challenge Schools to ensure that all children within partner schools receive the best possible educational outcomes
  • Review and evaluate the impact of TDP action plan.
  • Provide a forum that allows for discussion of GAPH issues
  • Raise issues with GAPH


The membership of the steering group shall be reviewed annually by the partnership members at the annual conference and shall consist of 1 Strategic Lead and 6 Head teachers.

Other Head teachers and colleagues involved in specific projects will also be invited by the Strategy Group or Strategy Leads to attend the meetings as Associate Members, without voting rights.


The quorum has been set as 4 voting members.


The Steering Group will meet at least 5 times in the year but with the flexibility to meet more frequently if needs arise as judged by the Strategy Leaders.

A head teacher elected annually by members of steering group will chair meetings.

Agenda will include reports from strategic leads and a finance report. Minutes of the meetings will be taken by the TDP Business Manager or Administrator, as directed by the Strategy Leaders, and circulated within two weeks of the meeting to the members.

Minutes will also be included in the papers for the next meeting of the TDP Steering group.

Reviewed September 2017