Partnership Terms of Reference


We are committed to effective challenge and support in order to facilitate the highest quality provision to raise aspirations, attainment and life chances of all pupils in our partnership.

We are committed to openness and collaborative working.


To this end we will aim to:

  • Provide a mutually supportive and challenging network for Head teachers, staff and governors in the TDP.
  • Provide high quality locally-based CPD, facilitating staff development and innovative projects.
  • Ensure strong links between local and national partners are developed, sustained and communicated.
  • Represent good value for money, whilst investigating savings and achieving grants and sponsorship for the promotion of the group.

Organisation and management of TDP

  • Will consist of heads forming a steering group, with lead coordinators, who will be chosen by the group.
  • Aim for one Head teacher from the group to be a member of the GAPH Executive.


  • TDP members will contribute on a per pupil and base amount for each school based on January census. This will be debited via county or by invoice for cheque book schools.
  • TDP will have its own account, held by a base school, with its own administrator.


  • It is anticipated that schools would enter into a voluntary agreement.
  • An annual review would take place.
  • All schools will need to be actively committed.


  • The TDP will be comprised of partnership schools.
  • All Head teachers will be voting members
  • The TDP will appoint consultants as appropriate including business manager/admin staff as necessary.
  • The management of TDP funding in relation to the salaries appointment and all related expenditure will be the responsibility of the Steering Group, accountable to the Head teachers within TDP schools and as directed by the priorities discussed at termly meetings and annual summer conference.

Monitoring and reporting

  • The Steering Group will evaluate the impact of each year’s action plan at the annual conference, however, updates: financial, curriculum, training and organizational etc will be conducted at each meeting.
  • Reporting on use of funding will be through the Steering Group including organizing an audit of TDP funds. 
  • The Partnership will promote innovation and share good practice, at all levels including Governors, Head teachers, senior teachers, staff, teaching assistants and administrators.
  • The partnership will seek to work collaboratively with similar groups regionally and nationally whilst retaining their independence.
  • Support for schools will be available – information obtainable from the audit or from the Local Leaders in Education group.
  • We will promote our successes through our website, alongside our training, notices and web diaries for groups within our partnership.

Compiled by TDP Steering Group
September 2013                     

Reviewed September 2017