Our Action Plan 2015-18


Action Plan 2015 - 2018

Evaluation Sept 2017

Target One
Promote TDP

To continue to raise the profile and membership of the TDP. Ensure transparency, equality and sustainability.
  • Revisit terms of reference for TDP schools
  • Write terms of reference for steering group.
  • Write an action plan outlining the strategic direction and development over the next two years.
  • Improve communication within the TDP to promote and advertise training information, events, past and future, to use the TDP Website to locate and distribute network information.
  • Continue to improve links with other partnership organisations, preschools, secondary schools and neighbouring counties by establishing networks and offering access to training events.
  • Continue to expand the current membership of TDP from 35 schools to include educational providers from 0-19 in Gloucestershire and neighbouring counties.
  • Reduce costs across TDP by undertaking joint procurement on specific resources.
  • Continue to secure the long term funding for the support to TDP.

What are we doing well?

What could we do better?

We are now a group of 35 schools, 1 Early Years setting and Gloucestershire Hospital Service. Ongoing within the Bursar Group.

Grants obtained

Website improved

Target Two
Leadership & Sharing good practice.

To provide a clear structure for Leadership of TDP to focus to improve standards and support leadership progression. Continue to raise the standards within TDP schools by promoting a culture of information sharing, good practice and peer review.
  • Steering group to share responsibility for leading groups
  • Agenda/ minutes to be shared TDP HT meetings.
  • Groups - EYFS, Business Managers, Middle leaders, Deputies, SEND
  • Identify Good/Outstanding practitioners to deliver information sharing for TDP schools.
  • Head teacher support- Establish a support mechanism for “new” heads, new heads to the area, deputies and other leadership posts.
  • Produce a directory of expertise for information/good practice sharing sessions for TDP schools
  • Work with partnership secondary schools to develop a shared approach to Y7 transition and sharing good practice.

Deputies group now includes Senior Leaders.

Budgets are allocated to groups.

HT meetings used to better identify outstanding practitioners.


Target Three
In school Support

To continue to provide support for ALL vulnerable groups.
  • Ben’s Behaviour support- to be available for all TDP pupils to provide in- school support and or advise. To provide CPD training for LSWs, lunchtime supervisors.
  • Sue Colin – Attendance – to be available for all TDP schools. HT/Admin support for improving attendance and inclusion of vulnerable pupils/groups.
  • EAL support to be made available for all TDP pupils to provide in-school support or advise. To provide CPD training for LSWs, teachers and other intervention staff.

Behaviour support and attendance support continues and has proved a real success throughout the partnership.


Feedback indicated that this was not required.

Target Four

Co-ordinate and develop a coherent package of CPD opportunities from entry to the profession to headship and beyond, which meets the needs of the professionals within our partnership and which improves standards and supports leadership progression and succession planning.

Shared INSET 

  • EYFS
  • New National Curriculum
  • TBC

Continue to provide a CPD programme that meets the needs of the members of TDP. CPD events on key changes in legislation to be organised:

  • New National Curriculum
  • Early Years
  • Assessment and Accountability
  • SEND.
  • Attendance

Develop a rolling programme for updates on:

  • First Aid
  • Child Protection
  • Caretaker
  • Food handling

Huge successes.

Follow up sessions have taken place and continue to be ongoing.


This is a success area, Fire Marshall & Food Hygiene included. Caretaker; not required.

Target Five
GAPH - Bigger Picture

To ensure TDP representatives sit on relevant committees on GAPH and Schools Forum.
  • GAPH representatives are identified on TDP structure
  • GAPH representatives provide up to date information as appropriate to be passed through Business manager.
  • Schools Forum representative to provide updates


Target Six
Current Priorities

Steering group meet six weekly to set priority agenda.
  • Analyse provision for Sports Premium funding
  • Develop a shared approach to the reporting of:
    • Pupil premium
    • Sports premium

Done via Active Sports.

Website used to share good practice and the Local offer included.