For Senior Leaders

Head Teacher Conferences

TDP are pleased to be able to offer Head Teachers the opportunity to come together at an annual conference as well as the termly Head Teacher meetings;

The Conferences tend to be themed, at the conference in 2013 the theme was Henry V – Inspirational Leadership, participants were introduced to the story of Shakespeare’s most inspired and inspiring leader, Henry V then choose the leadership challenges they wanted to explore. In 2014 the Head Teachers explored deeper and looked at ideas for further development in relation to resilience and change within themselves and the school staff.

For July 2015 TDP welcomed Contender Charlie to deliver Influential Leadership – Lessons from Julius Caesar 

Anyone involved in the teaching, mentoring or supervision of young people is in a key leadership role, whether they are currently aware of that or not. Authentic leaders are ordinary people able to draw on extraordinary talents. They are prepared to bring all of themselves to work, to stand up for what is important, and to adapt appropriately to meet new situations.

These people are emotionally intelligent and self aware, knowing their own strengths and limitations. They develop others and sustain those around them, building a platform for long term success. They inspire consistently, tell compelling stories and guide others through complex problems to collaborative decisions. In short, they are committed to leaving the world a better place. We also believe that the way schools are led has a profound impact on future generations. Contender Charlie is therefore committed to serving the development of staff in meeting this challenge.

Mythodrama provides learning through its unique synthesis of theatre skills, psychology, mythology and organisational development. This combination gives ready access to people’s latent talent for creativity, imagination, vision, motivation and communication – the keys to creating meaning and purpose at work.

Collaborative working

Many changes are happening within our schools, UIFSM, introduction of the SEN Local Offer and the New Curriculum, TDP Head Teachers and Senior Leaders have worked hard together within the partnership to share ideas and good practice.  

New Teachers’ Standards came in to force on 1st September 2012.                                                                                         

TDP Head Teachers, working collaboratively put together a comprehensive Performance Management Operational Handbook along with policies and procedures relating to Appraisal and Capability.  This was offered to other partnerships and schools within Gloucestershire and was very well received.

"The Cheltenham Learning Partnership bought the Tewkesbury and District Partnership discs on Performance Management. They were really helpful as they brought all the information together. It is good to know that many schools in Gloucestershire are signing up to the same policy, particularly with regard to career stage expectations."
Suzanne Gilbert, Head Teacher at St John’s C of E Primary School